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Urban Romance

Takeah Latimore

Don't Ever Wonder July 21-25

“You’re not just my wife. You’re my better half. Know it and believe it when I tell you I love you, Bugg. True shit, so don’t ever wonder otherwise.” – Ellington Shakur. February 14, 2017, Ellington Shakur took his wife Eartha out to celebrate her favorite holiday. Not even halfway through the evening, an altercation ensues that changes the course of Ellington and Eartha’s lives forever. Five years after losing her husband to the system, Eartha Shakur is having a tough time basking in heartwarming feelings everyone around her is experiencing from Cupid’s arrow. When a confrontation at work leads to Eartha quitting her job, the Ohio native has to stop running from herself and embrace the possibility that maybe happily ever after wasn’t meant for her.”


Rae Lyse

Saving Sunflower July 20-24

Dominic DeBlanc is a wayward street hustler and part-time rapper constantly running from a past that haunts him. With a bleak outlook on life, he finds himself teetering between two worlds—a seedy one where he’s not guaranteed to see his twenty-second birthday and a promising one that might bring him recognition for his talent.

After a chance encounter with a peculiar waitress, he finds himself engulfed in a friendship he never knew he needed. However, his complex life and reckless decisions challenge their already complicated bond.

Rae Lyse's Website

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Millie Bellizaire

Garden of Eden

Eden is an R&B superstar who has lost her passion for music. Andrew is a pastor who doesn't believe in God. Although for different reasons, both of them move through life with an enormous amount of pressure on their backs. On the night of her concert in New Orleans, Eden sneaks out of an afterparty and mistakes Andrew's car for her ride home. Despite the fact that Eden claims she's famous, Andrew's never heard of her and he doesn't care that she's stranded. Eden's not used to people saying no to her. And that's exactly what Andrew does, marking the beginning of a journey neither of them saw coming. Andrew and Eden are unlike each other in many ways, but both are dealing with their own demons. Just as their issues threaten to crumble them both, they find each other.

Millie Belizaire's Website


Kema B

Valentine's Kiss: A Kiss Family Novel

What happens when two souls are tied to one another, fused by their friendship and destined for a love that neither are ready to explore? Two best friends will be forced to make tough choices as they navigate their way from the ignorant bliss of youth, into the harsh realities of adulthood that rips them apart. Things crumble when feelings change, and promises are broken as life pulls them further and further apart. When the time comes for them to put all their cards and feelings on the table, will Valentine Day and Jalen Kiss survive the combustion of Valentine’s Kiss?

The Goddess of My Heart: A Carter Family Novel

What was supposed to be one of the happiest days of Nasir Carter's life turns into a nightmare when a devastating secret rocks his world. Armed with information from an unlikely ally, he walks away from the woman who owned his heart since he was fifteen-years-old, Venus Aphrodite Day. Venus was unprepared to handle the love Nasir offered her at such a young age and made a series of bad decisions that left her jilted and buried under the weight of her lies. Years later, a chance reunion reveals an even bigger secret, and the pair find themselves at a crossroads between the thin line of love and hate. With so much stacked against them, including outside forces determined to keep them apart, will Nasir close the book on their love story for good? Or will Venus be able to prove that she can give him the love he deserves and remain the Goddess of His Heart?

Heatstrokes: A Summer Fling Novella

Artist, Simone Bailey, used laughter as a defense mechanism to keep from crying. She lives her life loudly, unapologetically and free until a devastating betrayal rocks her world. Deciding she is off men for the foreseeable future, she puts her focus on her career and building her brand instead. That is until she shares a kiss with a handsome stranger that makes her want to risk it all. Model turned actor, Zion Masters, is intrigued by the gorgeous woman that kissed then ghosted him. Unable to get her off his mind he vows to make her his, if they ever cross paths again. Fate lends a helping hand when a close friend calls in a favor that he reluctantly agrees to. Will he be able to convince her to take a chance on him or will the heatstrokes he gives her be too much for her to handle?

Kema B's Catalog


Chassilyn Hamilton

I Thought I Knew

The tragedy of losing his father at an impressionable age led to mistakes that caused Kai Mathis to become indebted to a powerful and dangerous man. As he got older, his punishment turned into a reward and being at the top of a deadly criminal empire was enough for Kai… until Harper. Kai is ready to move toward forever with the love of his life, Harper Jean, but feels that he can’t do so with the secret of his double life looming over him. He is ready to leave his life of crime behind him, but Kai’s decision to sever ties from the organization backfires and puts Harper’s life in danger. Harper Jean has never known how great love can be until she met Kai Mathis. After many failed relationships, she is with a man that she can love and trust freely. She has a secret of her own but is unable to reveal it due to a quick grim turn of events that has her and Kai on the run for their lives. Wile fighting to stay alive, their relationship is tested, and their secrets are revealed making them question if their love can prevail or if they truly knew each other at all.

Never Knew I Needed You Desmend is enjoying his newfound legitimacy, as well as reaping residual benefits of his former fast life. Money and women. Living by the motto ‘It ain’t tricking if you got it,’ he’s known for splurging on beautiful women. Fly by flings were all he needed until Leila gave him a glimpse of something he’s never had Leila is looking for a love like the one her best friend Harper found, but she’s in no rush to find it. She’s heard of Desmend’s salacious reputation and is curious, but tucks those desires away when he needs her professionally. Leila comes to help Desmend with his daughter, but she ends up becoming so much more, and it changes his idea of what he thought he wanted and needed. When the fear of losing control and ghosts from the past intervene, he must decide what matters most. Control or companionship? **Desmend and Leila were introduced in I Thought I Knew.

Chassilyn Hamilton

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M. Monique

A Thug Has Feelings Too Website: mmoniquetheauthor.com

Ladii Nesha

You’ll Always Be My Baby July 20-22




Forever My Miami Bae (Summertime Love With My Miami Bae Book 2) July 20-22

TLC once asked these questions. “What about your friends? Will they stand their ground? Will they let you down? Are they gonna be low down? Will they ever be around? Or will they turn their backs on you?”

For newly high school graduate and upcoming college freshman, Baylee Monroe, all of these questions are answered on what was supposed to be a night of celebration for her high school graduation. Instead, what starts as a celebration turns into an evening of spilled tea and jealousy, shocking everyone in attendance. Confidentiality, loyalty, honesty, and trust disappear faster than the blink of an eye.

Starting college early by going to summer school, Baylee and her high school boyfriend, Jinau, learn that there’s a difference between high school love and love in the real world. Thinking that their relationship is solid, it becomes a challenge when they get a taste of unrestricted freedom. Will the high school sweethearts survive the temptations of the college life or succumb to the pressures of the world?

In her debut independent release, best-selling Author Zarkia drops this much anticipated African American Urban Fiction romance, Forever A Miami Bae. Take a ride with Baby and Nyla as they navigate life, relationships, and love in the sunshine state.

Zarkia's Website

*Zarkia will be giving away a free signed copy of this book. All you have to do to enter is follow her on TikTok.


Sabrea Marie

For Heaven's sake July 20th-23rd

When Shia Moore is released from prison after a five year bid, he expects his life to fall right back into place. Instead of being welcomed back with open arms from the love of his life, he is met with betrayal and circumstances he didn't see coming. As he fights to gain control of his life and figure out a plan to get back to the top, he finds himself struggling with the humble reset, his bruised heart, and the temptation to return to his past ways. Heaven Cortez is no stranger to starting over either. On a journey to reinvent herself and heal from her past, she spends most of her days building her bakery business and running away from anything close to love. That is until she meets Shia, whose charm and sharp tongue keep her on her toes. While the last thing she needs is another broken heart, Heaven is willing to risk it all despite those warning her of dealing with the notorious man. In a tale of pure love, Heaven and Shia find solace in their addictive connection. When their past doesn't agree with their future, will their new love be enough?

Finding Azure July 20th-24th

Kelz was everything to Azure. Her first boyfriend, first lover, you name it. After four years of young love, Azure wakes up to a text that shatters her world. Kelz was done with her, without so much as an explanation. Azure spends weeks searching for answers, but fate has a funny way of changing her heart's tune when she meets Nico Graham during spring break in Miami.

Nico Graham's world consists of two things - boxing and women. He's a young player with no plans on settling down. However, his way of thinking is challenged when he runs into the golden brown painter, Azure. In a tale of pure fate, Azure and Nico find themselves falling in love in their crazy world; and when temptation comes knocking at their house of love, will they stand strong?

Sabrea Marie’s Website


Kimberly Brown

Pick Up Your Feelings

Bleu Levell is cautious with her heart these days. After unknowingly having children with a married man, she’s recovering from heartbreak and betrayal. With her children’s father locked up on gun charges, Bleu has thrown herself into work and motherhood. It wasn’t until she meets photographer, O’Shea Boulware, her massage client, that she considers opening her heart to love again.

Tables turn when her ex, Isaiah, is suddenly released and looking to get that old thing back. His possessive nature won’t allow him to let Bleu go so easily, even with his wife in his back pocket. Even with years between them, he still loves Bleu and is willing to pay the ultimate price to have her.

What happens when obsession turns deadly? Join this trio’s journey of love, betrayal, revenge, and redemption as the drama unfolds.


L’Amour Coulture/ BL Valentina July 20-22

Black Cherry Pie 1-3

On My Shoulders: Conscience Of Love


The Waiter: Books1-2

Then Along Came A SAVAGE




Untouchable July 20

I met the love of my life when I was ten years old.

Ever since Talulla Evans walked up to me with her gap-toothed smile and told me her name means “princess”, I’ve been entranced.

For the last twenty years we’ve been there throughout each other’s storms. And somewhere along the line I fell in love. Deep in love.

There is nothing I wouldn’t do for her. Which is how I found myself caught up and agreeing to be her FWB, knowing I wanted more...needed more. The problem is: Talulla isn’t looking for more. And I get that. She's been burned more than once and isn't trying to repeat the cycle. But it’s becoming harder to compartmentalize my feelings for her when all I want is everything when it comes to her.



If Only You Knew

There was only one thing Passion Bailey loved more than music and that was beat maker and musical genius, Shawn “Skillz” Matthews. The only problem was, while Passion secretly loved the man behind the music, Skillz barely noticed anything besides her amazing voice. Fear of rejection and the realization that they were from two completely different backgrounds was enough to keep Passion secretly proclaiming her love for him through her lyrics. Emotions run high and there is nowhere to hide when the two are forced together for an impromptu tour. Sparks will fly, and secrets will be revealed in this SHORT sweet love story.


Wynta Thyme

Serious Inquiries Only

The old saying there’s no place like home is a sentiment many can agree on. We’re usually reminded of the notion even more when placed in an unforgiving environment. For India, Castle, and Jared, maintaining their home front has become a game for a force unseen.

Will the unsuspecting trio ght and protect what’s rightfully theirs? Or will their fears of living outside the box cut o the chance of an escape?



That’s the way Love Goes

Career driven and goal oriented is what Suny Daniel is. After studying under the best surgeons in Texas, she’s ready to make a change. That change leads her back to her roots in New Orleans. A mishap with her current boyfriend on New Year’s Eve lands her in bed with the mysterious Kross Stockley. Kross Stockley is a wild card, one that tends to shy away from relationships and commitments. The moment that he meets Suny, he is immediately drawn to her. He quickly realizes everything that he thought he didn’t want, turns out to be exactly what he needs. But at what cost? One night of passion leads to a reckless fling where feelings get involved. The two fall hard for each other at an alarming rate. Faced with an ultimatum, Kross has to decide whether to walk away from the life that he has grown accustomed to or let the woman whom he has fallen in love with go. The decision that he makes changes both of their lives. What happens when their paths cross, yet again, five years later? Will all be forgiven, or are the wounds too deep?



Trust My Love Not Their Lies July 21

Welcome to Hollywood- The most addictive drug in the world.

Rapper Sevonne ‘Von’ Swift is at the height of his music career but with mo’ money, comes mo’ problems. One random night he crosses paths with Entrepreneur, Brooklyn Kelly making him rethink that. She's the one woman Sevonne wants but can’t have.

You Got Me All In July 21

In desperate need of change, Kylar McCarran accepts a new position out of town. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes before her start date, and she’s thrust into the unpredictable world of grieving.

When his mentor asks him to take an emergency trip, Damien Kennedy doesn’t hesitate. From looks to success, he has it all, but there’s so much more to him than what meets the eye.


Daijah Shine

If You Love Me Say It: An ATL Love Affair (July 21-24)


"In this standalone, this group of friends has one thing in common—looking for their “happily ever after” after facing traumatic experiences with love. Will these leading ladies play their cards right and get the men of their dreams? Read to find out!"

No Limits To A Gangsta's Love (July 21-25)


"In this standalone novel, Officer Inari Rodrigo finds herself forced to choose between love, loyalty, and the law as she makes her debut onto the streets of Queens, NY. When the truth starts to seep through the cracks of what started as a ruse, Inari finds herself in more trouble than she anticipated. She may soon figure out just how harsh the streets can be, and if her true identity is discovered, it may cost her more than her career."

Ain't No Love For A Hitta (July 21-25)


"Who is Olivia “Mink” Phillips? That’s what everyone is dying to know. The Brick City-bred vixen has many caught at a whim, trying to figure out if she’s the suburban wife-to-be or the spitting image of her father— the notorious, Prophet Phillips. Little do they know, they’ll find out soon enough. Witness as the ultimate scheme leaves the city in an uproar and brings one of these high-rollers to their knees." Website: https://www.facebook.com/pg/dosesofdaijah


Shay Davis

Love on the Brain July 21-25

There’s nothing more amazing than creating that special bond with your first love. However, there’s nothing more gut-wrenching than your first heartbreak.

Cheyanne Charles experienced both in a blink of an eye. Taping the pieces of her broken heart together, Cheyanne moved through life only focusing on her career. Love had no place in her world after suffering the ultimate betrayal. But the funny thing about tape… that adhesive wears off after a while.

Shemel Jennings, an up-and-coming Neo Soul singer, wants desperately to put the broken pieces of Cheyanne’s heart back together. Only, he’s the one responsible for her heartbreak to begin with. He’s on a quest to seek forgiveness and right his wrongs, but finding love, and keeping it, is never as easy as it seems.

Thrown together after years apart, Cheyanne and Shemel have to figure out how to work with one another. But as tempers flare, and emotions get involved, the close proximity cause volcanic eruptions.

*Shay Davis is gifting 3 paperback copies.



M. L. Sexton

Demon Time (A Fallen Angel Series Book 1) July 20-21

Hezekiah fell from grace and lives his life on earth as an ambiguous (half angel, half demon.) He finds himself in the middle of a war between Lucifer and Hades to bring back the blue dagger to Jerusalem, and restore the balance between the pure (good) and the damned (evil).

In the midst of this, he falls in love with Feyrah, a fairy nymph, whose colony is destroyed by the very evil Hezekiah is trying to obliterate. When he has to save her and the blue dagger, he has to make a choice that will effect the entire world.

*M. L. Sexton will be having a giveaway for this book. In order to win a signed copy, subscribe to her newsletter on her website (scroll to the bottom of her website and put in your email address). Only new submissions will be considered.

M. L. Sexton's Website

Desidieros The Commencement (Book 1) July 20-21

It’s their 25th birthday, and when a witch turns a quarter of a century, the commencement begins. She earns her full powers. Being the daughters of wickens and shifters, no one knows what powers they will receive nor how powerful they will be.

In the end, only one sister can be deemed the most powerful.

Join the sisters on their dramatic, fiery, majestic filled journey to only one becoming the most powerful magical being. Even blood can’t hold their bond together.

M. L. Sexton's Website


Nikki Clarke

Third Street Conjure Boys: Jinx (Third

Street Conjure Boys Book 1) Jinx: We are of gods and men. We're magic, but we aren't magicians. We're ancient deities, all the things anyone has ever believed in, new and old. We're real and we're here, walking among you. Some of us are more special than others. Some of us hold the key to immense power and the ability to bestow it on others. Risers are hailed and hunted, wanted for the blessings they can bestow, and not always for good. From the moment I see my riser, the only woman who can help me attain maximum power in my human form, I know I want her, or at least I want what she can give me. This is the first installment of the Third Street Conjure Boys series.

Nothing but the Wolf in Me (Black Valley Wolves Book 1) Valeena is on the run. Except she's not running anymore. She's managed to do the impossible, escape from her sociopath brother and hide away on the outskirts of a nice, sleepy mountain town. It's just her, her kinda-neighbor, Bob (not his real name because she doesn't do names), and the small arsenal she keeps stashed in her cabin, just in case. That is until one snowy night an injured dog (wolf?) finds its way to her front porch offering companionship, an uncanny knack for being able to unlock and relock doors, and a habit of disappearing. Even more unexpected is the intense, insanely hot dude who shows up claiming ownership of her new puppy only to sweep her into the kind of passion she thought had no place in her life. He also brings his own secrets, a hint to her lineage, and a demand that she trust him to keep her safe.

Nikki Clarke's Website


A. M. Hyacinth

Saving Asteroth: Rise of the Fallen

The women of the Rephaite race, a breed of Fallen Angels, are being hunted for their natural ability of Rebirth and for the demon Duke of Hell, Asteroth’s regeneration. This level of genocide led by The Mastress, one of the most powerful Fallen Angel’s in the Celestial race, has caused Rephaites to meet their near extinction. As Rogue Legions and Others search the Sixth Dimension, Earth, to find her last vessel for Aster, it is up to Ezra, the God of the Fallen, to find her first, and to protect her at all cost.

Saphyre, a Rephaite reborn, mourns the distant memories of her best friend, Aster, every day. What she doesn’t realize is that their close bond was not as innocent as she thought it to be. Her life shatters right before her eyes one afternoon when she realizes through a stranger that not only is she being hunted, but Aster is being chained and tortured in the Underworld. She must choose to either remain content with her human life and the illusion of it, or to follow this mysterious, alluring man to meet her fate.

Content Warnings Include: Conspiracy, The use of Alcohol, Torture, Gun Violence, Demons and Demonic Names, Sexually Explicit Scenes, Physical Abuse, Domestic Violence, Elements of Human Trafficking, Mentions of Self-Harm, Gore, Horror and Death


S. J. Stewart


Memories tell you who you are, unfortunately for Melas, all those memories are gone. Only three thoughts stand out in the darkness of her mind: PROTECT. FIGHT. SURVIVE. Someone is after her. The scars that riddle her body are all the evidence she needs. Why? She wished she knew. The reasons are hidden away in the darkness of her mind. INCUBUS. BERSERKER. VAMPIRE. There are some things you just can’t forget, and the warrior she is has been carved into her very soul, etched on her bones. That warrior will fight with everything she is to protect the one she loves. How did a warrior come to run? She doesn’t know that either. But if they ever catch up to her, she will set their world on fire.

SJ Stewart's Website


C. M. Lockhart

We Are The Origin July 20-21

She was a shadow.

Forced into a life of serving the queendom before she was old enough to deny them, Brandi was a cultivator of death and the queen’s own blade, reserved only for the disloyal and the blasphemous. Crafted by the queendom and forged in blood, she was nothing more than a tool. She was never meant to have an opinion on whose blood she shed — never meant to question whose back she was pressed into or whose throat she was slipped across.

She was destruction.

But when Freya, the goddess of life and judger of souls, demands that she protect rather than destroy, Brandi has no choice but to obey her new orders. And while abandoning the queendom comes with its own set of problems, being hunted by the people she once called family is the least of her worries when the gods reveal to her an enemy who exists beyond the reach of their power. So, with a helpless princess in tow, she begins her search for a way to fight this impossible enemy and save the realm from destruction.

Because she is the wrath of the gods.

And it was foolish for anyone to forget that.

C. M. Lockhart's Website

*Chelsea is doing a giveaway over on her Tiktok. Follow her, comment something you love about fantasy, repost the video for extra entry, and 3 winners will be chosen at random on July 25, 2022.


T. Ashley

Capturing Celeste


Mediocre friends…

Mediocre love life…

Mediocre job…

Mediocre everything…It’s my norm.

I’ve gotten used to living the same mediocre life day in and day out. It’s simple, there’s no drama and I’m free to do as I please. But when a new job opportunity presents itself, I do something out of the ordinary and go for it. Little did I know this job would put me down a path I’ve been shielded from my whole life.

My mediocre life isn’t looking so bad after all…




Fancy house…Duh

Living the best life…far from it.

Growing up I wanted nothing more than to be the one behind the camera, to live a simple life. But my mother had other plans for me and set my path for me at a young age. I’m ready to live the life I want to live. That is, until Celeste walks in. If staying at this job is what it takes to make it work, then so be it. But when her troubled past comes to light, I’m not so sure it was meant to be.

Can I look past these demons and love her the way I should?

Sight Unseen (The Elite Three Book 1)

Sixteen year old Morgan Alexander has been kept in the dark for years. It wasn't until she met the boy next door that the secrets from her childhood was brought to the light. Will Morgan be able to cope through it all? What path will she choose, and is it the right one?

T. Ashley's Website *T. Ashley will giveaway a signed copy of her entire catalog to a US resident.


Contemporary Romance

M. L. Sexton

Moriah ( A Forbidden Love Series Book 1) July 20-21

Moriah is a mom, bestselling author, best friend, daughter, and in a love triangle. Jeremy is a stand up guy: married, doting father, and driven. Baby Daddy, aka BD, is married and coparenting with Moriah. Both men want Moriah and even divorce their wives to be with her. When Jeremy's wife ends up dead and he's arrested, they soon find out that Moriah is the real target. Will she make it out alive and end up with one of these men, living happily ever after?

*M. L. Sexton will be having a giveaway for this book. In order to win a signed copy of the complete series, subscribe to her newsletter on her website (scroll to the bottom of her website and put in your email address). Only new submissions will be considered.

Moriah's Boys, The Complete Series July 20-21

Mehki, Jerome, Jeremiah, and Marlon are four brothers on different journeys to finding love. Join them as they experience loss, heartbreak, drama, and finally, love.

TW: Death of a parent, rape, attempted rape, domestic violence, child sickness, miscarriage, child neglect, mention of drug addiction, child endangerment.

Running Out of Time follows Mehki and Bahati (mention of drug addiction, child neglect, child endangerment)

Broken Promises follows Jerome and Carter (domestic violence, attempted rape, child endangerment)

Love & War follows Jeremiah and Kamaria (no TW)

Last Chance follows Marlon and Maya (drugging, attempted rape)

*M. L. Sexton will be having a giveaway for this book. In order to win a signed copy, subscribe to her newsletter on her website (scroll to the bottom of her website and put in your email address). Only new submissions will be considered.

M. L. Sexton's Website


Louise Lennox

Passionate Professors July 20

Passionate Professors contains two stand alone novellas.

This hot & steamy duet follows the wealthy Attah twins, Peter and Luke. They are Ghanaian, Gorgeous, and all ALPHA! What happens when they learn love never plays by the rules?

Book One, Love & Lyrics

Due to circumstances beyond his control, poetry profesor Luke Attah's career advancement depends on the successful thesis defense of the free-spirited graduate student, Raina Simpson. Luke is confident his charm and good looks will win his new pupil over, as it has countless others. But he does not count on a drunken moment after one of Raina’s performances, making him Raina’s number one enemy. Despite Raina’s thinly veiled contempt, the usually cool Luke finds himself warmed up by his fiery student.

Book Two, Love & Lipstick

Peter Attah is a chemistry professor committed to helping people in post-war African nations rebuild their lives. As a consultant for Sinclair Cosmetics, he uses his influence with the CEO to fund his work. When he is assigned to develop new products with the beautiful Mia Farris, he finds her impenetrable and ready to rail against the corporate culture that funds his work in Africa. Despite their differences, he realizes her broken heart is an equation that only he can solve.

Both "Love & Lyrics," and "Love & Lipstick" are also published as standalone novella purchases. This Collection brings them together for a lower price.

Merry Kiss Me Permafree

Merry Kiss Me is a prequel of the Kiawah Kisses Series, a collection of steamy small-town romances set in low country South Carolina. Each book follows the journey of four best friends: Symone, Tara, Nicole, and Keisha as they each fall for their own Gullah hometown hero and learn to love again! A decade after leaving home, culinary magazine editor Symone Farris is heading back to Kiawah Island for the holidays. She’s escaping New York and a failed engagement to reconnect with her grandmother’s storied restaurant and speakeasy, The Haint. But before she can say “Merry Christmas,” she’s fighting her mother’s campaign to sell the beloved establishment to the local real estate developer and love she left behind without notice ten years ago. Rhue Baines loves three things, Christmas, family, and the Lowcountry sea islands he calls home. He understands the needs of his island community because he’s never left. When his ex, Symone blows back into town demanding he stop the planned redevelopment of her family’s land, he’s determined to get his way. As Christmas approaches they both begin to remember what made them fall in love all those years ago. But when the past finally catches up with them, can their hearts survive the crash? "Merry Kiss Me" is an updated re-release of Ms. Lennox's "Memories & Mistletoe," with updated chapters and story lines. It is a steamy holiday romance that introduces readers to the characters in the subsequent books featured in the"Kiawah Kisses," Series!

Louise Lennox's Website

*Louise will sponsor a giveaway of her newest novel: “The Wine Down” and a $10 Amazon gift card.

To enter readers need to follow her on Instagram and comment on the post about the giveaway (She's posting on the 20th) in the comments section with a reason they love Black Romance.


Vasalona Cooper

The Marley Diaries July 21-25

After a heart-wrenching breakup, Marley Jacobs, a hopeless romantic and editor-in-chief of Mod magazine, tries to occupy herself with work, launch parties, and online dating; but when the one who broke her heart comes back, Marley spirals into an entanglement that will leave her even more broken if she doesn't find the strength to walk away. With a soul-stirring storyline on today's dating issues, The Marley Diaries is a sexy, zany, uplifting novella about recognizing your worth and adding tax. Vasalona Cooper's Website


Monica Walter

Who Can I Run To July 20 Only

When tragedy strikes, it hits hard, and Chantrice Leonard is still reeling from its blow. Life just isn’t the same, and she’s doing her best to rid her spirit of the grief she feels by submerging herself in work. She believes that as long as she keeps busy, she won’t have to deal with the loss she’s suffering. However, a family dinner, in which she meets a man that was impacted by her loss as well, forces her to face it head on.

Being an overcomer is just part of who Orion Gentry is. Positivity pours from him on a daily basis, but it doesn’t mean that his life is without struggles. Having a severe medical crisis takes a toll on him mentally and physically but he doesn’t stop trying to be the best version of himself. While there are weak moments, he maintains his focus on a positive outcome. But when he meets a woman directly connected to his lifeline, he falls immediately and knows that his struggles have not been in vain.

Chantrice and Orion meet and sparks fly, but the premise on which this meeting occurs makes Chantrice feel as though she wants to attach herself to him for the wrong reasons. Orion refuses to give up on her and allow his destiny to willingly walk out of his life. Will Chantrice stop overthinking and just go with the flow, or will she allow her reservations to control her heart?

Monica Walters's Website


MiMi Grace

Along for the Ride


When Jolene Baxter offered to help her sister and brother-in-law move halfway across the country, she didn't foresee the last-minute changes that would leave her making the journey with the one person she can't stand. Jason Akana is similarly unenthused about driving with the woman he publicly argued with five years ago at his best friend's wedding.

But a lot of things can happen in sixteen hours, especially when car problems, an unplanned pit stop, and chemistry are involved. Once the dust settles after their trip, can these two stubborn people successfully navigate the unexpected feelings that follow close behind? Or will they hit a roadblock before reaching happily ever after?

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J Nichole

Influenced By Love July 20

As a plant scientist, Shana thought she had all the skills she needed to run her grandmother’s plant shop. But when she received the foreclosure notice for the store, she realized it would take more than a love of plants to bring in the cash. When her cousin suggested a plan for her to revive the failing business, she’s on board—until she realizes it involves a major social media campaign. The problem is that she’s anti-social in real life, and on the Internet.

DJ Honesty is known around the city because of his massive social media following. But because of this following he can’t trust anyone’s interest is genuine, especially women. He’s considering an exit from the scene to do something that will make his life more meaningful, and could be longer lasting than the latest viral post.

When he walks into Urban Garden and meets Shana, he is surprised that she seems to not know who he is, at all. When he learns that she needs help with her store, his influence could be just what she needs to save her grandmother’s business. In return, she could be the woman to prove his social influence can serve a purpose.

Can their relationship bloom into something more than a social experiment?

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Six Weeks is all he needs

One weekend is all she needs

A favor for a favor

Nightclub owner Jacen Turner finds himself as Boston’s Most Eligible Bachelor Calendar feature. An event he has been looking forward to, but now has come at the most inconvenient time. Focused on finding a second location for his club, he also needs a date for the calendar events.

Book Editor Chelsea Stone receives an invite to her estranged sister’s wedding. Dreading to go, she seeks the advice of her best friend, who prompts her to ask Jacen, her long-time secret crush, to accompany her.

Jacen accepts Chelsea’s invitation to her sister’s wedding with her also agreeing to become his date for the calendar events. Assuming Chelsea is a safe choice, Jacen feels he is in no danger of her plotting to become the next Turner wife. But Jacen begins to see Chelsea differently, and now thoughts of having a real relationship with her are more alluring than ever before.

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Tatum James

After the Morning After July 20-21

Sometimes, the thing you need most is the last thing you would ever imagine having. Clarke Michaels is a registered nurse working her dream job in labor and delivery. The mother of twin boys loves her job just as much as she loves her fiancé, Cortez. The sordid past that her fiancé knows nothing of comes back to haunt her in unexpected ways. Could a forgotten one-night stand cost her everything?

Millionaire playboy, Lyncoln Hughes, is a perpetually noncommittal bachelor. As the owner of a successful cybersecurity company, he’s living out his dreams of success with the occasional fling. Although he enjoys the company of a woman, he’s happily single and relishes in the fact that he is the king of his palace. Unwilling to give up his solitude, he loves them and leaves them. Lyncoln only has himself to answer to and that’s just the way he likes it… Until he meets the one he can’t leave behind.

Their lives collide in a brief encounter that the two only vaguely remember. That inconsequential meeting has lasting effects on the pair. As their connection grows… their existing relationships are tested. ⁣

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K. Lashaun

In This Moment July 20

Love, in all its forms, is a foreign concept to Garryn Taylor.

After being let down one too many times by nearly every person in her life, she’s sworn off the elusive emotion to focus solely on her career.

When tasked with locating and obtaining a rare collection of artifacts for her most important, yet difficult client, she finds them in the possession of self-made millionaire CEO and music mogul, Verse Presley.

To her surprise, he refuses to part with the valuable collection, sending her on an uncomfortable journey of going above and beyond to change his mind. Weeks of back and forth finally result in Verse requesting much more from her than just the millions being offered by her client.

Through it all, Garryn fights to remain indifferent towards Verse and all his charming ways, while the multi-layered man works on breaking down each of her carefully constructed walls, giving her much more than she bargained for…

Everything And More July 20 Moments before Rumor Finley is set to board a plane and fly across the country for her baby sister's wedding, her quick temper lands her in a rental car with a man she loved to annoy, the groom’s cousin, West Vaughn. West didn’t get Rumor. At all. True, he’d engaged with her in insult battles for the last five years, but the woman was still an enigma he wasn’t sure he wanted to solve. But the close proximity to her weakens his resolve and reveals feelings he thought he'd buried, causing him to look at Rumor with more than feigned annoyance. To their surprise, during the road trips, sparks fly and feelings they’d suppressed after a night of passion years ago resurface for the sworn enemies. Could these opposites discover that what they find in each other is everything they need and more?

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Tiffany Patterson

Safe Space



Xavier Grant was everything a woman could want. He was a successful restaurateur and club owner and has the looks of a God with the sex appeal to back it all up. I had a crush on him since my early teenage years. Now, here I am thirty years old, after having just moved back to my hometown of Houston and finding myself still lusting over this man. So how did I handle this growing attraction? Like any self-respecting, professional woman who’d had her heart broken numerous times by the men in her life, I ran. I tried to ignore the sparks that flew whenever we were in the same room as one another. I have my reasons. Xavier was one of the most eligible bachelors in the city with women clamoring for his attention. Aside from that, he was my brother’s best friend, practically family—certainly treated more like family than I was. No, I didn’t need those types of problems. My best bet was to steer clear of Xavier Grant.


Chanel had grown into a beautiful woman. Any man with eyes could see that. But, she was my best friend’s little sister. I had no intentions of taking it past looking until she walked into one of my restaurants one night looking a little distraught. There was something pulling me to her. Something was telling me she needed me. Usually, I’m not into being needed by a woman. I do my thing and don’t bother getting too serious, but I couldn’t ignore this pull I had to her. And when I see the danger she puts herself into helping one of her clients, my protective instincts come out. I want her. And no one, not my friendship with her brother or her father is going to stop that. Except, maybe her.

**Please note: Safe Space deals with discussions, scenes and scenarios dealing with domestic violence, and the ultimate violence that it can lead to. The hero of this story is NOT the perpetuator of these acts, but they do exist within the story.

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D. Rose

Love on Repeat

Yael Carey and Royal Walker were content with their lives. After years of late nights and periods of self-doubt, their careers were finally on track and they were doing what they loved. They had the perfect lives, right? They thought having successful careers was everything until they met each other. Their love for music brought them together. The love they shared became the soundtrack to their lives. Will the love they shared be enough to keep them together when life threw unexpected curveballs in the forms of probing mothers and unrelenting exes?


Natasha Bishop

Where We Found Our Home July 20


I had my chance at love and I threw it away. I don’t deserve another. I’ve dedicated my entire life to my community. There’s no time for anything else. But then I met her. Ciara Jeffries is everything I told myself I didn’t want but she might be everything I need. If I can just hold on to her. Ciara If I don’t get out of this town I’ll lose my sanity, my loved ones, and my life. I need a fresh start and Austin, Texas feels like as good a place as any. I wasn’t supposed to build connections and I definitely wasn’t supposed to fall in love. Lincoln Cole has other plans for me. He has me breaking all my rules and I feel safe in his arms. But safety is a luxury I don’t have. I thought I ran far enough but my past will never let me go and my recklessness may just get Lincoln burned.

Where We Found Our Heart


I had my chance at a family and it was stolen from me.

I was told I was a joke, so that’s just what I’ll be.

But then she gives me news that turns my whole life upside down. Nina Williams is my second chance at a family and she might just be the missing key to my heart. I just need to prove to her I’m not the joke I pretend to be.


After the loss of my parents, I’m all my brother and sister have. I’m trying to piece my family back together.

I wasn’t ready to start a family of my own.

One night with Isaiah Cole changed all my plans. He’s nothing like I thought he was and I feel happy in his arms.

But happiness isn’t built to last.

When Isaiah has a chance to complete the family he always dreamed of, will the family I never knew I wanted be left behind?

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BriAnn Danae

Stay For Awhile

“One missed flight turns into an unforgettable experience deemed worthy enough to move to a new city for. An instant attraction, her weekend lover romance that will make you want to stay… if even for a little while.”

Love Is What You Make It "What is love to you?" "Love is... the most spectacular, indescribable, deep euphoric feeling for someone. Love is trust. Something I don't have for Ramelo." - Isis Moor BriAnn Danae's Website


Virgo Girl

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Symone Devereaux is a young, beautiful, and successful marketing executive, so why is she stuck in a dead-end relationship with a cocky, womanizing, cheater? After deciding to give him one last chance, she's hoping that their relationship will get back on track. Unfortunately, Chance Taylor has no plans of changing his ways. She leans on his twin brother Chase, who happens to be her dear friend and co-worker, for support until one night changes everything. Will their relationships survive? Will lifelong loyalties be broken? Will love find a way? Chase Taylor has been having bad luck in the romance department, so he's taking a much-needed break from relationships. Deciding to focus on his career and putting the past behind him, he's on the road to a successful marketing career. He's always been fond of his brother's girlfriend Symone and doesn't understand why she puts up with him. He's managed to stay out of their business but has been a shoulder for her to cry on. Will mistaken identity be the life-changing event that flips everyone's world upside down? Lines are crossed, Loyalties are tested.......it's Complicated!

Whatever, Whenever

Rashida Rashida Powers is newly single and not ready to mingle, or so she thinks. After finding out her husband of twelve years has been leading a double life, she’s over love and definitely over relationships. She’s focusing on adjusting to her new life and raising her ten-year-old son, whom she adores. But…will a chance meeting with her handsome new neighbor make her reconsider? Will she give love another try? Or has the experience with her philandering ex-husband ruined any chances of her trusting again? Bryce Bryce Walker Jr had his heart broken years ago and has yet to fully recover. Raising his daughter, who is the love of his life, alone, hasn’t been easy, but it’s been the most fulfilling experience in his thirty years on earth. Dating has been a struggle for this single father and he’s almost given up on the idea of ever having a successful relationship. But being the gentleman that he is, his offer the help his jaw-droppingly beautiful new neighbor could be the start of something new if he doesn’t sabotage it before it can happen. Take the journey with Rashida and Bryce and find out if these two unlucky in love souls unite or crash and burn.

Closing The Deal


As the brainchild and co-founder of TLC Realty, Lenox LaFleur has a lot on her plate. She and her best friends Tanisha and Cash are taking the realty business by storm which is no small feat. Couple that with dealing with an alcoholic father and trying to keep her younger brother on the straight and narrow, she has her hands full. Months ago, her life was rocked by betrayal and now she is having trouble breaking herself from a self-deprecating cycle. Lenox has vowed for the umpteenth time to put her mistakes of the past behind her and move on. And what better way to move on from one man than to hop on to another! Her unrealistically gorgeous new client, Tracy Saint Victor, may just be that man. But she is in for a rude awakening when she finds out he is on a journey of his own that doesn’t line up with her desire to hop on the next ****!


Tracy Saint Victor is a man trying to find peace and grounding in a new city. Burned, betrayed, and humiliated by his fiancée, getting away from his hometown, St. Paul, Minnesota, felt like the only option. He is on a mission to cleanse and purify himself from all the tainting of his last relationship. He is focused on his new position as an art professor at the local university and opening his first art gallery. So, he has plenty distractions to keep him busy. That is until he meets Lenox LaFleur - the witty, beautiful, and hilarious realtor who captivates him at first glance and instantly makes him question his entire existence. He is dedicated to his deep purifying journey, but Lenox is threatening to take him off course in the best way.

Experience the sweet journey to love with Lenox and Tracy.

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Working For Love

You've met them briefly in the Taylor Twins and Powers Sisters Series. Join Desiaree and Quincy as they navigate a fun-filled Labor Day weekend. Will they go their separate ways when the weekend ends? Is this just a weekend thing or does it have the potential to be much more? Find out in Working For Love,. Book One of the Hot Holiday Shorts Series


Tyce Saint Victor was soured on relationships after the infamous INCIDENT. After years of bachelorhood, he hesitantly put himself out there only to be met once again with yet another failed attempt at love. After enduring his share of disappointments he’s done with feelings, relationships and this mystical idea of love with the special someone made just for him. He’s concluded that the concept of soul mates is a myth and has resigned to being a bachelor indefinitely. So, what’s up with the constant, nagging, thoughts of the gorgeously flawed woman he’s briefly crossed paths with? Surely, it’s just a sign that he desperately needs to get laid… right? Should he try one last time or is he setting himself up for another round of embarrassment and unrequited love? Isis Monroe was dealt a shady hand at birth and tried for years to make the best of an unfortunate situation. After the adults in her life failed her, she still thrived and was on her way to success only to have her perseverance derailed by a man who sold her a dream that turned into a nightmare. After three years in a toxic relationship, she’d lost hope and almost given up on life. That was until a trip to the emergency room turns out to be a pivotal moment that changes the direction of her life and could potentially lead to a beautiful destination. Will she let her past taint her and miss out on a love that could heal her wounds or will she take a risk and let her heart lead the way? Find out in DOSE Saint Victor Boyz Series Book ONE!


Nicole Falls

Release Some Tension July 20

It was always supposed to be a temporary thing. Ayumi Richards and Lewis Upton both desperately needed respite from the high stakes drama of their professional lives. A chance encounter at a local watering hole not only helped them find solace in each other, but forge a connection that defied any so-called logic to which they’d both previously ascribed.

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A. E. Valdez

All I've Wanted, All I've Needed